Club Blog 2020
Tuesday 7th January '20. The first meeting of the New Year was well attended.  Work on cutting the Thomas Themed layout baseboards into quarter sections continued and the first half was cut through.  O&ULR had some of its new control panel wiring undertaken, while OSP&WL saw the continuation of fitting terminal blocks adjacent to the point motors to aid wiring and fault finding.  The Junior layouts station building construction continued and on BWJ the copper clad sleepers on one board were cut through to remove the rail to rail short that the copper introduces and then rail feed continuity was checked on the new track sections.
OSP&WL terminal blocks are installed and wired for the point motors
Thomas Themed baseboard cut into half
The station building for the Junior layout begins to take shape
Tuesday 14th January '20.  Work on the installing terminal blocks for point motor wiring continued on OSP&WL. BWJ had the remaining copper clad sleepers at baseboard joints copper track cut through and then the raisl were wired back to the existing connectiosn and the track ballasted.  Thomas themed layout had the new multipin wiring connected which links across one of the recently cut baseboards and the second baseboard had its fixing plate installed in preparation of it being divided into two halves. Both the Junior and O&ULR layouts were not present.
Tuesday 21st January '20.  Work continued on the Thomas themed layout to separate the remaining 6 foot long section into two.  Over on OSP&WL work to install terminal block connectors on all the Cobalt motor feed wires continued.  Servos used for point operation on O&ULR were set up using a laptop.  No work on BWj was undertaken and the Junior layout wasn't present.
Tuesday 28th January '20. As it was the end of the month, it was a running evening. The clubs committee have made a decision to scrap Bysing Wood Junction layout, mainly due to the delamination of its plywood baseboards which caused continual track misalignment at cross board joints, it was therefore BWJs last ever working appearance.  Several members ran their OO items and said farewell to BWJ in its current form.   The Thomas themed layout had the last baseboard cut in half and will be worked on at home by one of the club members to ensure it is ready for its outing to Tenterden over the weekend 22nd and 23rd February '20.  No other layouts were used as BWJ and Thomas layout took up most of the room.
Farewell to BWJ layout as club members gather around for its last ever operating session
Tuesday 4th February '20.  A well attended meeting with plenty happening!  On the club OO BWJ layout, hammers, screwdrivers and chisels were the tools of choice as layout deconstruction began. Three baseboards had all their scenic and electrical items removed and carefully stored and then the baseboards were prepared for the scrap heap!  On the Thomas Themed layout the newly cut into four sections of layout were assembled and track and wiring tested. A few minor track alinement issues were corrected and the new pieces of track are now to be ballasted.  OSP&WL continued to have local terminal block connectors fitted adjacent to the Cobalt point motors.  O&ULR was present and the control panel to layout was checked for correct operation.
The clubs 'Junior layout' was not present.
Some of the recovered items
BWJ has scenic items removed
OSP&WL N gauge layout point motor terminal block fitting
O&ULR being prepaired for the Tenterden show later this month
Tuesday 11th February '20.  Another busy club meeting with deconstruction of Bysing Wood Junction layouts baseboards now completed.  Four of the boards were removed from club storage tonight for onward disposal. A lot of the scenic details were saved for later reuse, but much of the track and point work could not be salvaged.   New baseboards are the next item.   Over on the Thomas Themed layout ballast was laid in the new track areas and this was glued in place then the layout tested with a couple of locos. O&ULR was also tested and checked for operation prior to its and Thomas layouts vist to Tenterden in just over a weeks time.  OSP&WL N gauge layout had its lower level control panel tested to the layout after it was repaired. One minor fault was quickly rectified and the layout then checked. Notes were taken of the amount of illuminated street lamps needing to be purchased at the Tonbridge exhibition this coming weekend.  The Junior layout was again absent.
Tuesday 18th February '20.  Another well attended meeting. Two layouts were prepared for this coming weekends Tenterden exhibition - our Thomas Themed and Oare & Uplees Light Railway. These were then later removed from the club room and placed in cars ready for the weekend.   OSP&WL N gauge layout was surveyed for fitting of the newly purchased working street lights. Painting of these lampposts was undertaken too.  No junior layout was present, though two Juniors were at club!
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