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Club Blog 2018

Tuesday 9th January ‘18.  Our first meeting of the year and a large amount of work was undertaken.  On the N gauge OSP&WL layout a barrow crossing was fitted to the end of the main line stations platform, kerb edges installed to the road behind the station and a tunnel portal glued in place to the right hand side boards where the main lines pass to and from the rear storage sidings.  On the Thomas themed layout investigation as to why a point motor is continually failing revealed a defective 25 way D connector socket in the main switch panel. This will need a complete replacement and fitting of a new 25 way connector.  On BWJ layout the rear storage yards were erected and a wiring problem around the train arrived indicator was investigated, the problem being traced to double use of a pair of terminals for two circuits. This should be resolved during next weeks meeting.

Tuesday 16th January ‘18.  A well attended meeting with lots going on!  On the Thomas themed layout the new rewired control box was installed and tested but the problem with No4 point failing still remained! This was eventually traced to a wire that was not correctly fitted into a terminal block connector. On the N gauge OSP&WL layout further scenic detailing work was carried out. While on BWJ the rear storage boards Train Arrived indicators circuit was partly rewired, but when tested it still failed to illuminate on the panel. Due to lack of time the faulting will have to be undertaken next week.

Tuesday 23rd January ‘18. The indication fault on the rear storage yards of BWJ layout was resolved and the circuit function tested end to end. More conductor rail was laid on a section of the scenic front boards.  On Thomas Themed layout the newly sewn green valance curtain was secured to the baseboards by fixing Velco tape to the boards sides. The FMRC logo position was marked and the valance will now be sent to a specialist company for a logo to be bonded to the material.  On the N gauge OSP&WL lane layout advances have been made in detailed scenic work. TV aerials added to a couple of chimney stacks, ground covering applied around the houses rear garden walls and some track ballast added to the stations track.

Tuesday 30th January ‘18. A well attended meeting which was also a club running night. Both OO Thomas and N gauge OSP&WL layouts were used to run a variety of stock belonging to club members.  Some defects were found on the Thomas layout which will involve future work.

The ‘accept’ selection relays at one end on the rear boards of BWJ was replaced with two single relay units allowing returns from both front and rear control panels to be kept totally separate. The newly installed conductor rails on the country end of BWJ layout were painted.

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Tuesday 6th February ‘18. A lot of work was undertaken at club this evening. On Thomas the defective feeds to the front hand held controllers investigation begun. Track joints were sorted by soldering an infill in the gap. On OSP&WL N gauge layout the towns memorial was installed and the posts for some anti climb fencing planted in holes drilled in the baseboard. The engine shed was fitted permanently to the layout. On BWJ the last two lengths of conductor rail were fitted that lead for the tunnel to the scenic section. A rear lifting flap to front board multi pin plug was wired to the main board ready for circuits to/from the rear to front control panels.

Tuesday 13th February ‘18. Another well attended meeting with even our Welsh member arranging a surprise visit!  The problem with the two front hand held controllers on the Thomas layout was investigated and one of the controllers was found to be defective, this will be repaired ready for next weeks meeting, but further track feed wiring examinations still need to be carried out.  On the N gauge OSP&WL layout more scenic detailing work was carried out with the war memorial being partly fenced off and the anti climb security fencing by the main line station erected. On BWJ OO layout the last section of conductor rail was hand painted and scenic updating/detailing work on the country end undertaken plus wiring installed that links the front to rear storage yard boards at the lifting section was carried out.

Tuesday 20th  February ‘18.  On the OO Bysing Wood Jnc. further work was carried out on scenery for the yard area, repairing areas that had suffered minor damage.   On OSP&WL N gauge layout work continued with fitting of drainpipes and guttering to the houses and shops. A fence was erected around the war memorial, but it failed to keep upright, so work on that was abandoned.  Shingle was laid on the operational side of the fence.  On the Thomas themed layout the boards were erected and trains run, there is still an electrical problem to be resolved though

Other members showed interest on the work carried out, and asked questions, which were answered by those working on the layouts,  others formed a discussion group.   Many thanks to BB for providing the ‘bones’ of this weeks blog report.

Tuesday 27th  February ‘18. Due to the inclement weather there was no meeting held tonight.

Tuesday 6th March ‘18.  Another well attended meeting with much happening. On the Thomas themed layout the wiring for the hand held controllers was checked throughout. On the N gauge OSP&WL layout a lineside grounded box wagon was fitted representing a store for P.Way items and a start made on producing a detailed listing of all the wiring connections used on the three baseboards.  Over on BWJ OO layout a section of conductor rail top was coloured black to represent the colour of real Con. rail.  A revised board numbering system is to be introduced and new labels have been printed ready to fit to the baseboards undersides.  A 9 way D connector was replaced with a 25 way connector as this will be needed for the revised wiring to/from the rear storage yards.

Tuesday 13th March ‘17.  It was the clubs Annual General Meeting (AGM) evening with election of club officers and committee members.  There were no new nominations for officers or committee and all those currently in office were re elected.  Officers:- Brian Lambert - Chairperson. Colin Hudson - Secretary.  Kelvin Inge - Treasurer. With committee members:- Bob Bushell, Graham Church, Peter Newman and Doug Attwood.  The move to our new accommodation was mentioned as it vastly improves the clubs working environment. The membership were encouraged to look out for suitable alternative permanent accommodation.  Visits at the weekend to attractions for club members and their partners was also discussed.