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Club Blog 2018

Tuesday 9th January ‘18.  Our first meeting of the year and a large amount of work was undertaken.  On the N gauge OSP&WL layout a barrow crossing was fitted to the end of the main line stations platform, kerb edges installed to the road behind the station and a tunnel portal glued in place to the right hand side boards where the main lines pass to and from the rear storage sidings.  On the Thomas themed layout investigation as to why a point motor is continually failing revealed a defective 25 way D connector socket in the main switch panel. This will need a complete replacement and fitting of a new 25 way connector.  On BWJ layout the rear storage yards were erected and a wiring problem around the train arrived indicator was investigated, the problem being traced to double use of a pair of terminals for two circuits. This should be resolved during next weeks meeting.

Tuesday 16th January ‘18.  A well attended meeting with lots going on!  On the Thomas themed layout the new rewired control box was installed and tested but the problem with No4 point failing still remained! This was eventually traced to a wire that was not correctly fitted into a terminal block connector. On the N gauge OSP&WL layout further scenic detailing work was carried out. While on BWJ the rear storage boards Train Arrived indicators circuit was partly rewired, but when tested it still failed to illuminate on the panel. Due to lack of time the faulting will have to be undertaken next week.